Governance Throughout the Microsoft Teams Lifecycle

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What Is It About & Who Is It For?

This eBook is a comprehensive guide on the Microsoft Teams lifecycle from team creation through expiration.

Whether you are an experienced Head of IT, a Microsoft Teams admin, or an avid Teams user, you’ll find this eBook very useful.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • One thing you must consider before creating a team
  • The common issues that Microsoft Teams admins face (and how you can avoid them).
  • The mission-critical list of items to consider before you retire a team forever.
  • How to clearly define your team creation process so you don’t confuse your users.

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Author: Chris Hardee is a 20-year technology professional who found a passion for writing and marketing. He enjoys diving deep into technical concepts, finding important points in the data, and translating them into the right words. He’s written for several major online publications, including Forbes, Business 2 Community, and MISTI Training Institute.

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