Microsoft 365 & Azure MFA
Configuration Guide for Admins

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What Is It About & Who Is It For?

Cybercriminals and hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their attacks. Passwords are the most common method to sign in to your computer or online services like Microsoft 365 and Azure, but they are vulnerable without Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Admins will learn:

  • Why MFA is the best method to increase the security of your organization. 
  • How to choose between Microsoft’s Security defaults, Conditional Access, and Legacy per-user MFA.
  • How to set up MFA with any of the beforementioned options.

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Matija Hanzic
Author: Matija Hanzic is a Product Dev Lead at SysKit. He spends most of his days creating innovative solutions for Microsoft 365 admins, IT managers, and consultants. Also, he is a regular speaker at SharePoint community events. In his free time, Matija loves drinking good wine and conquering Croatian mountain tops.


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