SysKit SQL Manager Videos

Webinar: SQL Server Performance Monitoring

Find out how to monitor specific SQL Server performance counters and services, and forecast performance-related events.

Webinar: SQL Server Security Management

Learn how to manage SQL Server permissions across multiple SQL Server instances and enforce the latest SQL Server security and SQL Server configuration management best practices.

Quick Intro: How to generate SQL Server documentation?

Check out how to generate a proper SQL Server documentation to note and track changes in your SQL Server environment.

[Webinar] Compare different SQL Servers and track the configuration changes

Use SQLDocKit to create snapshots of your SQL environment and easily detect configuration differences. Align your TEST, DEV, UAT, and Production environments.

[Webinar] Presenting SQLDocKit 6.4 Features

We’ve prepared an introductory webinar presenting discovery of SQL Servers across multiple domains, inventory of SQL Server BI services: SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, database role permissions auditing, and more.

Successfully manage SQL Server databases

Explore SQL Server settings and databases in live mode using SQLDocKit Live Explorer. Take care of all those databases that are no longer needed.

[Webinar] Get To Know SQLDocKit

In this SQLDocKit webinar we covered SQL Server and IT inventory management, a brief SQLDocKit overview, and then do the SQLDocKit demo in detail. To see SQLDocKit in action, watch the video

Create Snapshots of Your SQL Environment and Compare Configuration Differences

Detect the differences made over time and find indicators of any potential problems in your SQL Server environment.

Detect Potential Problems in Your SQL Server Environment with Best Practices

Match your server settings according to the latest best practices. Watch the video to learn more.

Create, Schedule and Export SQL Servers Reports

Watch the video to discover how to administer your SQL Server environments using intuitive, information-packed SQLDocKit reports.

Auto-discover, Inventory and Document Your SQL Servers

Learn how you can use SQLDocKit to scan your entire domain – all servers – and autodetect SQL Server instances in a matter of minute.