Script Execution on Multiple Servers

Having created a new script or added a cmdlet, you can execute that script or cmdlet on multiple servers in different time periods without having to rewrite it, which speeds up the user’s job significantly. All script and cmdlet executions on multiple remote servers are performed simultaneously, which reduces the overall execution time. SysKit Shell will check whether all software requirements are met before executing the cmdlet from the module. This way you can receive feedback on whether a certain module can be executed on specific servers without having to check what is required for the execution on your own.


Create Script Wizard

Write your own PowerShell scripts through SysKit Shell console and retrieve the information you want. Add your own script to the existing category, or create a new category. Before saving, the script is syntactically validated and executed on the selected workstation so you can be sure that the script is written correctly. Once execution is completed, detailed results will be displayed categorically.


PowerShell Gallery Module Search

With SysKit Shell, browse the entire PowerShell Gallery repository in a single interface quickly and efficiently, find the necessary modules easily and install them on your own server. In addition, there is an option to detect if updates for the installed modules are available. SysKit Shell automatically searches PowerShell Gallery for updates and every time new updates are available, you will receive a notification on the updates tab. By clicking on it, you are able to upgrade your module to the latest version. You can search not only for module names, but also cmdlet names and tags (keywords).


Define PowerShell Credentials

Specify credentials for each of the domains in your environment using a simple, easy-to-use interface. When entering a credential parameter, you are provided with an appropriate form for entering a username that may be a new or one of the existing ones. In addition, SysKit Shell also entails built-in support for CredSSP intended for system administration from a single interface. Delegate the user’s credentials from the client computer to the target remote server using CredSSP.


Generate Reports

SysKit Shell provides reports based on your execution results. Generate reports according to different criteria (time, server, and cmdlet/script). This way, script/cmdlet results can be easily combined different time intervals. Quickly detect changes that occurred between two executions of the same cmdlet/script and compare them to see the changes over time. All the reports can be exported to .xlsx format for further examination.


Cmdlet Parameter Support

All the available parameter sets, and the parameters within them, are displayed in one place. That way, you can easily select the parameter set in the appropriate forms and fill-in the parameter with data according to your needs. View all the available commands in all installed modules. You can use each cmdlet as a single function, but the real power shows when you combine cmdlets to perform complex tasks.