Manage SharePoint Permissions

Assigning the correct permissions to every user and maintaining a high-security level are the most important tasks in SharePoint administration.

SysKit Security Manager can make SharePoint permissions management easier for you, and it offers extra powers beyond the built-in SharePoint management capabilities.

permissions management feature page

Reduce the time needed to perform repetitive management tasks

Manage permissions for users, SharePoint and Security groups from a single interface.

Create SharePoint groups and manage members.

Move users with direct access to SharePoint groups.

 Manage access requests and external user invitations.

grant permissions feature page

Modify permissions quickly as users leave or join departments

 Grant permissions to many users at once.

 Edit or remove user permissions.

 Copy or transfer permissions and group membership between users.

 Manage permissions faster by drilling directly from reports to desired objects.


unique permissions feature page

Manage permissions inheritance

Detect all objects in your environment that have broken permission inheritance. Check who has unique permissions and consider removing inappropriate access to strengthen data security.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a tool that helps you manage SharePoint permissions?

Save time and avoid repetitive tasks with SysKit Security Manager. Try it for free or request a demo.