Office 365 Auditing

The Office 365 audit feature inside SysKit Security Manager enables you to keep track of every permission, content, or configuration change for the entire tenant. Boost your Office 365 security, stay compliant with governance policies, and prevent malicious behavior with our Office 365 audit log reports.

Track User and Admin Activity with Office 365 Audit

We collect the most important Office 365 audit logs, display them by each Office 365 workload, and report on actions in a simple and manageable way. The benefits compared to the out of the box Office 365:

  • Extended log storage – avoid an expensive E5 license cost and overcome default Office 365 settings. Control how long to keep audit log data by setting a custom retention policy.
  • Powerful search option – browse through the logs based on the object, user, or action type and find the right information in just a few easy steps.
  • Built-in report export and scheduling – keep your management updated and automate the process of sending audit log reports.

Find user activities faster as SysKit Security Manager displays audit logs contextually by each Office 365 workload – SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams .

Audit Microsoft Teams

Keep track of all changes linked to Microsoft Teams, like creation and deletion events.

Identify teams’ membership changes as well as global policy changes from a single report. Navigate to a single team or track all teams’ activities together.

Use the powerful search option when looking for a specific event or a user in a team. Easily filter out user activities and know who changed channel settings, created new channels or changed other settings.

Audit OneDrive for Business

Track OneDrive activity and check whenever a user adds, accesses or shares a file to make sure no sensitive files are being shared.

You can see audit logs for all OneDrive users or just for a specific one. For example, if you want to know which files are shared from Mark’s OneDrive or if he shared some files via an anonymous link – with two clicks you can see his file-sharing activity in the last 30 days. Easy as that!

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