Gain complete visibility over Microsoft 365 inventory

Microsoft 365 offers a lot to companies, but its lack of centralized reporting and management makes it cumbersome and complex to utilize fully. Complex information discovery is at the core of process inefficiency, as it shifts your IT team’s focus away from more important tasks.

Consequently, they’re unable to prioritize tasks such as providing a better cloud collaboration experience for your end users. Lack of visibility also leads to security risks unauthorized data access happens instantly, and its consequences can have a lasting effect.

Challenge: Poor data access and security

Lack of control

There is no centralized inventory for you to easily review all workspaces, users, and content from a single pane of glass. It is also challenging to do tenant-wide reporting on access and membership.

Process inefficiency

Lack of prioritization means precious IT admins’ hours end up being spent on administrative tasks, and truly critical tasks don’t get enough focus or attention, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Security threats

Lack of visibility causes security risks faster than you can react – your data gets breached instantly, and the consequences can be expensive.

The Syskit Point advantage

Seeing everything clearly, from a single pane of glass, enables you to achieve the following:

  • Review all SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams (private and shared channels), Groups, OneDrive, and Power BI. 
  • Explore all users – active, users with disabled sign-in, and users with privileged access.  
  • You can also pinpoint all types of external users, guests, and those who gained access through a sharing link. 
  • Explore file structure and all the content stored within your workspaces. 
  • Easily report on who has access to what. 
  • Generate a report on a particular user’s access across the entire tenant. 

Most importantly, you can do the management actions directly from these reports and get the latest data immediately.

Ulfar Helgason Coripharma

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and it would be impossible to run reports that give an overview of users, groups, and what they have access to without Syskit Point!

Ulfar Helgason Head of IT at Coripharma