Check OneDrive for Business Usage,
Activity and Adoption

Monitor OneDrive for Business permissions, user adoption and generate different
OneDrive activity reports with SysKit Point


How to Manage OneDrive for Business
with SysKit Security Point?

With every Office 365 license, each user gets a personal space in OneDrive! It’s great to save important files, but it can easily become tricky!

Check the OneDrive storage and determine if it’s approaching the storage quota.

Monitor OneDrive for Business activity and detect unused accounts that haven’t been touched for the last 3 months.

Find all files shared with OneDrive

orphaned onedrive report feature

Track OneDrive external sharing and guest access– report on
user access rights for each OneDrive and easily detect OneDrives
with externally shared content.

Find files that may compromise your company’s security policies
and stop unauthorized OneDrive sharing with a single click.


Necessary steps to keep your OneDrive for Business management in check

OneDrive for Business Usage

Real Time Monitoring

Track OneDrive for Business
storage and notify their owners
when they’re close to
exceeding the limits.

OneDrive for Business User Access

Audit Permissions

Control OneDrive for Business
and find out who has access
to the content stored in your
company‘s OneDrive files.

OneDrive Guest Access

Blocking IP Adress

Easily detect if sensitive
content is shared outside an
organization through OneDrive
for Business.

OneDrive External Sharing

File and Folder Audit

Check permissions, as well as
OneDrive for Business guest users
from a single report and
stop sharing at any time.

User Activity in OneDrive

User Statistics

Check user activity on specific
OneDrive and get an overview of user
activity for all personal drives or
audit the logs for a specific account.

Schedule Office 365 reports

Schedule OneDrive for Business reports & 
ensure high visibility and control over your content! 

Create and export different OneDrive for Business reports to check OneDrive permissions or usage.

With an Excel export filter, analyze the data further for full control.

Any OneDrive for Business reports can be scheduled to be delivered
via email.

Share various OneDrive reports easily with your management or business unit owners.

Give SysKit Point a try and check out all its features!

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