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Office 365 Reporting and Management with
SysKit Point

Create valuable Office 365 reports,
send them to your management, and boost the security of your tenant.

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How SysKit Point helps with
Office 365 reporting?

Always know who has access to what. Have an overview of all Office 365 permissions with the permissions matrix report.

Audit user and admin activity across the tenant with the audit reports.

Detect users with unique permissions and manage them on the fly!

Prevent possible security breaches! Pinpoint external users and externally shared content with the external sharing reports.

Compare Different Tenants

Get detailed insight into your Tenant with SysKit Point's Office 365 Reporting

Office 365 Management

Audit SharePoint permissions

Take your user onboarding, offboarding and everyday management to the next level by using flexible user-managing options.

Office 365 Reporting

Specific User Audit

Export built-in reports in Excel and PDF format. Send them to your management wherever you are via URL.

Office 365 Security

Governance Audit

Easily assign the correct Office 365 permissions to every user, track guest user access, and maintain a high level of security.

See SysKit Point in action and check out all its features!

  • Audit your Office 365 Environment
    Track user and admin activities across the tenant.
  • Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams Management
    Clone and manage Groups and Teams members and owners.
  • Monitor OneDrive storage usage
    Track OneDrive usage and notify their owners when they’re close to exceeding the limits.
  • Check orphaned users, groups and OneDrive accounts. Clean them up and avoid clutter.