Powerful Office 365 Auditing
with SysKit Point

Get a deep overview of all user or admin actions with our Office 365 auditing features and boost your Office 365 security!


How SysKit Point helps with
Office 365 Auditing?

It collects the most important Office 365 audit logs, displays them by each Office 365 workload, and generates reports on actions in a simple and manageable way. The benefits compared to the out of the box Office 365:

Extended log storage – avoid an expensive E5 license cost and overcome default Office 365 limits. Control how long to keep Office 365 audit logs by setting a custom retention policy.

Powerful search options – browse through the logs based on the object, user, or action type and find the right information in just a few easy steps.

Built-in report export and scheduling – keep your management updated and automate the process of sending audit log reports.

Office 365 Audit

SysKit Point Covers Office 365 Audit, Create Office 365 Audit Reports and More

Audit Office 365 Changes

Audit Office 365 Changes

Office 365 auditing features enable you to see what is going on across your Office 365 environment.

Contextual Office 365 Auditing

o365 governance

Explore all recent activities of a specific Office 365 Group, Microsoft Team or SharePoint site or OneDrive.

Specific Office 365 Audit Reports

Specific User Audit

Get an overview of the most important information set for all users as well as specific users.

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    • Enhanced Office 365 Auditing

Audit each user and admin action across Office 365 and stop any possible malicious behavior!

    • SharePoint & Office 365 Security

Check user access to sites, lists or individual documents with our permission matrix report.

    • Office 365 Audit Reporting & Management

Identify all activity inside Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrive accounts.

  • The number of Office 365 licensed users/employees/end users.