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Microsoft Teams Provisioning with SysKit Point

Take control of your Teams creation and ensure proper governance from the beginning of the lifecycle.


How does SysKit Point help with
Microsoft Teams Provisioning?

Use Point’s features to take control over who can create new Teams and under what conditions:

  Provisioning templates: Prevent sprawl and configure easy-to-use custom templates for creating new Teams.

  Approval flows: Customize your approval processes – define the stages of approval flow and who will be the approvers.

  Point’s Teams app: Enable your end-users to request new Teams and easily approve the new ones right from the Teams app.

  Security governance: Proactively apply governance policies from the beginning of the Microsoft Teams lifecycle.

Office 365 Provisioning in Teams

Give your users freedom without
compromising security!

Standardize Workspaces

Drive consistency

Provide a standardized
set of apps, channels, tabs,
and naming conventions.

Apply Ongoing Governance

Office 365 Groups provisioning

Enforce an optimal number
of owners and ensure
regular access reviews.

Enhance Productivity

SharePoint sites provisioning

Support self-service while
keeping control and reducing
IT team workload.

See SysKit Point in action
and check out all its features!

Enhanced Office 365 Auditing

Audit each user and admin action across Microsoft 365 and stop any possible malicious behavior.

SharePoint & Office 365 Security

Check user access to sites, lists, or individual documents with our permissions matrix report.

Office 365 Reporting & Management

Identify all Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in a tenant. Explore their owners, members, and guest access.