Manage Microsoft Teams Guest access

Simplify Microsoft Teams guest access management and generate different reports in no-time


Microsoft Teams guest access

Generate reports on Microsoft Teams guest access across all Office 365.

Explore and manage Microsoft Teams external users for each team.

Remove one or more Microsoft Teams external users in bulk.

Add guest users to your teams to collaborate with your partners and freelancers.

With SysKit Point You Can Overcome All Microsoft Teams Challenges

Manage Microsoft Teams settings


Browse all your active
Microsoft Teams in the
Microsoft Teams overview.

Microsoft Teams guest access

Audit Permissions

No need to click on each team to
find your guest users – check them all
in a central external users report.

Manage Microsoft Teams members

User Statistics

Drill down into each team
to manage Microsoft Teams
guest access
in bulk.

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 Enhanced Office 365 Auditing

Audit each user and admin action across Office 365 and stop any possible malicious behavior.

 SharePoint & Office 365 Security

Check user access to sites, lists or individual documents with the permission matrix report.

 Office 365 Reporting & Management

Identify all Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in a tenant. Explore their owners, members, and guest access.

  • The number of Office 365 licensed users/employees/end users.