Microsoft Teams Governance Building Blocks

Let Microsoft MVP Susan Hanley guide you through the key decisions for Microsoft Teams governance and effectiveness.

Teams Governance from A (Admins) to U (Users)

When deploying Microsoft Teams, making good governance decisions is critical. This one-hour live webinar will guide you through the key governance decisions for Microsoft Teams.

What you will learn

A framework for making key decisions

Ensure that your decisions are communicated and effective.

Create a user resource center

Leave with design information and a proven approach.

Deliver information “just in time”

Get ideas and sample content to get you started.


Susan Hanley
Susan Hanley

Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP

Susan is a consultant specializing in the “people side” of intranet and collaboration solutions. She’s a Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP and writes the Essential SharePoint blog. Her areas of expertise are intranet strategy, user adoption, and governance. For more than fifteen years, Sue has helped her clients deliver successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet and collaboration solutions that enable them to reduce the time it takes to deliver projects. She also helps companies work more effectively with partners, share and reuse knowledge and best practices, communicate and collaborate, and reduce the “time to talent” for new employees.