Tackle Microsoft 365 sprawl and oversharing through end user-admin partnership

Join Iva Erceg, Chief Product Officer at Syskit, and discover how to introduce collaborative M365 governance and self-service to your organization.

Microsoft 365 governance, revamped

A mismanaged M365 environment can lead to sprawl, decreased productivity, and sensitive data oversharing. Not to mention the thousands of support tickets your admins need to solve just to keep things running. This is where Syskit Point comes in.

What you will learn

Boost M365 security without limiting end users

Let your admins continuously support all business needs and prevent data breaches.

Improve governance processes, reduce compliance risks and oversharing

Enforce policies, automate governance, and perform regular security checks to ensure data safety throughout the workspace lifecycle.

Introduce collaborative M365 governance and self-service to your organization

Keep control and unburden your IT team while empowering end users to 
become your reliable governance partners.


Iva Erceg
Iva Erceg

Chief Product Officer

Iva fell in love with SharePoint many years ago when she started working at Syskit. As Chief Product Officer, she’s helping development teams build high-quality enterprise solutions for SharePoint & Office 365. Her passion is helping admins and consultants manage their complex environments.
Aleksandra Lipovac
Aleksandra Lipovac

Product Design Lead

With over six years of experience in designing complex SaaS solutions, Aleksandra is a General Assembly alumnus. She is responsible for the entire design process, including UX Research, UX Writing, and UI Design of Syskit Point.