Automate Access Requests with Syskit Point

Join Danijel Cizek, Product Manager at Syskit, for an exclusive update of Syskit Point – a brand new set of features designed to accelerate your collaboration while simplifying day-to-day to-dos for your IT team.

Power up your processes, unburden your IT

Internal processes play an essential role in ensuring company alignment, productivity, and compliance. Sit together with our team to discover how to significantly reduce the number of IT team tickets by automating access requests using Point’s new governance policy.

What you will learn

Self-service Workspace Center

Give your end users the visibility they lack to increase productivity and, at the same time, prevent sprawl and content duplication.

Access Requests Governance Automation

Help your IT team avoid receiving thousands of requests from your employees to be added to a certain team, site, or group. Let your owners decide which request is valid and should be approved.

More improvements

Immerse yourself in easily manageable distribution lists, email-enabled security groups, and more.


Danijel Cizek
Danijel Cizek

Certified Product Manager

Danijel has over a decade of experience focusing on solving customers’ problems, delivering value, and high-quality products. He’s responsible for defining and aligning Syskit Point’s vision and strategy with customer challenges, market needs, and company objectives.
Aleksandra Lipovac
Aleksandra Lipovac

Product Design Lead

With over six years of experience in designing complex SaaS solutions, Aleksandra is a General Assembly alumnus. She is responsible for the entire design process, including UX Research, UX Writing, and UI Design of Syskit Point.