Office 365 Analytics, Alerts, and License Reporting with SysKit Point

Our product team will show you how Syskit Point’s new features can help you optimize licensing costs, proactively detect potential security threats, and measure usage and adoption of your Office 365 services.

What you will learn

Automate Detection of Suspicious Activities

Enable IT teams and data owners to configure and receive alerts based on specific security or administrative events.

Track Office 365 License Consumption

Gain insight into your O365 license consumption, overall cost, and potential savings on underutilized licenses.

View Analytics and Adoption Reports

Easily visualize and analyze how the entire organization or specific departments utilize O365 services, especially Teams.


Matija Hanzic
Matija Hanzic

Syskit Product Dev Lead

As a lead software developer, Matija spends most of his days creating innovative solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 admins and consultants. Also, he is a regular speaker at SharePoint community events.