Microsoft Teams behind the scenes

Microsoft Teams revolutionized the whole concept of team collaboration, so take a peek behind the scenes with our experts in this free webinar.

What is it about & who is it for?

Microsoft Teams revolutionized the whole concept of team collaboration. But do you know what exactly happens when a user clicks “Create a Team,” and how it affects your administration?

What you will learn

Teams creation

Learn who can create a new team, what happens when it’s created, and how permissions are applied.

Teams members

Find out what happens when you add/remove team members.

Teams guest users

Discover what guest users can do inside Microsoft Teams.

Controlling guest user actions

Leave nothing to chance and maintain control over the whole process with Syskit Point.


Matija Hanzic
Matija Hanzic

Software Dev Lead

As a lead software developer, Matija spends most of his days creating innovative solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 admins and consultants. Also, he is a regular speaker at SharePoint community events.
Mario Znika
Mario Znika

Lead Product Owner

Mario is one of the most knowledgeable people at Syskit and is a part of the team for more than ten years. Leading the development of every part of the tool, without him, Syskit Point would be less awesome.