Achieve total visibility into your Microsoft 365 security footprint – right now!

Join us to learn the easiest way to solve your governance challenges and protect your enterprise data within minutes.

Secure and govern your Microsoft 365 fast and efficiently

Microsoft 365’s flexibility in managing collaboration has drastically improved work processes. But it has also created sprawl and governance challenges that can cause security risks.

What you will learn

Analyze your entire Microsoft 365 environment

Save hours of manual work across admin centers and unify data from multiple M365 workloads. Get the complete visibility of your environment – teams, sites, users and guests, all from a single point.

Bring clarity to your security footprint

Always know who has access to your sensitive data and retain complete control of your environment. Track external sharing and receive proactive alerts in case of suspicious activities.

Enforce continuous governance throughout the workspace lifecycle

Set up automated procedures and oversee your workspaces from their creation to the end of life. But that’s not all. Apart from helping you simplify your biggest governance challenges, we’ll also show you how you can empower end users to smoothly do their part in governance.


Danijel Cizek
Danijel Cizek

Certified Product Manager

Danijel has over a decade of experience focusing on solving customers’ problems, delivering value, and high-quality products. He’s responsible for defining and aligning Syskit Point’s vision and strategy with customer challenges, market needs, and company objectives.
Karlo Skarica
Karlo Skarica

Customer Success Manager

Karlo is a B2B SaaS customer journey enthusiast with international experience in customer success, project management and sales. At Syskit, Karlo is in charge of leading our partners to the fullest experience of structured M365 governance and secure collaboration.