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Making sense of Microsoft 365 Guests & External Users

Join Microsoft MVP Thomas Vochten as he explores Microsoft 365 guests and external users and shows you how to comply with security and governance standards. Learn how to manage these accounts, the different configuration options available, how to apply security policies, and more!

Secure access for guests and external users

Microsoft 365 lets you work with external users in different apps and services. But managing these users can be hard, especially if you want to comply with your security and governance standards.

In this webinar, you will learn about the core concepts and supported scenarios, how to manage these accounts, the different configuration options, and how to apply security policies such as enforcing multi-factor authentication.

What you will learn

Supported scenarios for external users

Explore all the supported scenarios for external users in Microsoft 365.

How to manage external users

Learn the steps to manage external users throughout their entire lifecycle.

Secure access for guests and external users

Discover how to secure access for guests and external users and the different configuration options available.


Thomas Vochten
Thomas Vochten

Microsoft MVP

Thomas Vochten is a technology evangelist helping companies implement Microsoft cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft MVP with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, he has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and a passion for sharing it with others. Thomas travels the world to speak at events, conferences, and user groups to talk about technology and to make sure people do not make the same expensive mistakes as he did. He is also the president of the Belgian Information Worker User Group (BIWUG), the biggest Microsoft 365-focused user group in Belgium.

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