Employee offboarding: Organizational and technical considerations

Discover how to offboard employees the right way, ensuring your data remains shielded, with Corinna Lins, Microsoft 365 consultant, and Marijn Somers – an Office 365 specialist and Microsoft MVP.

Learn how to bridge the safety gap in your offboarding processes

Not just external attacks but departing employees – by accident or intentional – could be a serious data safety threat for your organization if their offboarding is handled improperly.

In this webinar, Corinna and Marijn will talk about how to make sure employees’ knowledge stays in the organization and what actions to take so they don’t run off with your data. You will also have a chance to master:

What you will learn

Reducing risks with the necessary steps

Stop users from logging in, retaining data, and keep processes running once they leave the company.

Technical monitoring by learning about implementations

Learn tips to make the life of an admin easier.

Creating a laser-safe offboarding process

Get a checklist of best practices to offboard people from an organizational and governance perspective.

Forensics in Office 365

Discover Syskit Point to control and audit all security-relevant activities for Office 365 guests and internal uses.


Corinna Lins
Corinna Lins

Microsoft 365 Consultant

Corinna is a Microsoft 365 consultant with a clear focus on improving business collaboration and productivity and increasing employee user acceptance for over eight years.
Marijn Somers
Marijn Somers

Microsoft MVP

Marijn is an Office 365 specialist and Microsoft MVP who has over 14 years of experience implementing the full value of information worker solutions in any organization.