Combat Oversharing in Microsoft 365 with Syskit Point

Join the Syskit team as we explore the complexities of oversharing within Microsoft 365, highlighting the risks and implications it bears on organizational security and compliance.

Over the years, we’ve embraced Microsoft 365’s convenience for sharing information. But we’ve also encountered the escalating issue of oversharing, posing risks to data security and compliance. As emphasized recently by the rollout of Microsoft 365 Copilot, tackling oversharing has never been more critical.

This session will go through the complexities of oversharing within Microsoft 365, highlighting the risks and implications it bears on organizational security and compliance. Demonstrating Syskit Point’s capabilities, Aleksandra and Danijel will outline strategies for how to mitigate oversharing successfully and most importantly, quickly.

What you will learn

The complexities of Microsoft 365 oversharing

Explore the risks and implications it bears on organizational security and compliance.

How to mitigate oversharing successfully

Discover best practices and hear real-world examples of how to eradicate sensitive content exposure.

How Syskit Point can help

See Syskit Point in action and how its features help stop M365 oversharing in its tracks.


Danijel Cizek
Danijel Cizek

Principal Product Manager

Danijel has over a decade of experience focusing on solving customers’ problems, and delivering value, and high-quality products. He’s responsible for defining and aligning Syskit Point’s vision and strategy with customer challenges, market needs, and company objectives.
Aleksandra Lipovac
Aleksandra Lipovac

Product Design Lead

With over six years of experience in designing complex SaaS solutions, Aleksandra is a General Assembly alumnus. She is responsible for the entire design process, including UX Research, UX Writing, and UI Design of Syskit Point.