Session recording

Automated Office 365 Access Reviews

This demo and Q&A session with Syskit’s Head of Engineering, Iva Erceg, will showcase Syskit Point’s new Access Review feature.

Make your Office 365 governance a piece of cake

It’s our mission to make your Office 365 governance as easy as possible with the help of Syskit Point.

What you will learn

Delegate responsibility

from IT team to site, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups owners.

Select the resources types

you’d like owners to review.

Keep your tenant secure

by scheduling periodic access reviews.

Ensure that every resource owner

completes their governance tasks


Iva Erceg
Iva Erceg

Syskit Head of Engineering

Iva fell in love with SharePoint nine years ago when she started working at SysKit. As the Head of Engineering, she’s helping development teams build high-quality enterprise solutions for SharePoint & Office 365. Her passion is helping admins and consultants manage their complex environments.