Custom Office 365 Security Alerts

Automate your Office 365 security notifications, empower your owners to become your security checkup partners, and avoid severe problems.


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Customize Your

Specify which activities, IP addresses, or users you want to track.

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Empower your Content Owners

Let your owners configure alerts for their content and make them equal partners.


Get Information on the Spot

Get the critical details of the alerts directly in your inbox and react proactively.

Automate Security Troubleshooting

Get the right information at the right time! Receive proactive notifications directly to your email. Check if:

  • Someone has shared a document with an external user
  • An external user has been added to a Team
  • Groups privacy has changed from private to public
  • A user has logged in from outside the allowed IP range
  • Private Team or Group was made public 
  • Other permission changes and suspicious user activities

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Customize your Point Alerts

Explore the details of the alerts directly from your inbox or by using a detailed audit log in SysKit Point. Fine-tune the specifics of the alerts:

  • The person for who you wish to track certain activity
  • External user activity you want to track
  • Specific IP addresses or everything outside of a certain IP range

Include your Content Owners in Security Procedures

Make your owners equal partners in security procedures! They can configure alerts for their teams, groups, and sites without any additional administrative rights. By having owners on your team for regular security checkups you will:

  • Get the fastest reaction on potential suspicious activity
  • Receive the most accurate response due to owners’ operational knowledge
  • Lift the burden from your IT team

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