Monitor Specific Server Roles

Make your monitoring consistent across the entire environment! Track server performance metrics for specific server roles such as SQL, IIS, and SharePoint.

Create monitoring templates for specific server roles

Problem: Different server roles have specific performance counters and services, and there is no standardized template for all of them. For example, Web Front End servers require you to track all performance counters that have something to do with the IIS component.

Solution: SysKit offers a predefined set of monitoring templates with customizable configurations and the option to create your own templates for individual server roles. The ability to capture the right performance counters on the right servers is the key to successful server monitoring!

Restrict actions to specific server environments

Use server groups to divide your server environment into logical server environments such as DEV, QA, or TEST, making it easier to monitor your system and choose which actions apply for which servers. This makes the overall system administration much less risky by ensuring that, for example, you won’t apply an in-test patch to a production server group.

SharePoint performance monitoring enables you to analyze performance of your SharePoint farms.

Analyze SharePoint performance in detail

Monitor SharePoint performance to ensure optimal server usage for your end users. Detect page load issues or determine which SharePoint services in your farm are causing problems. Monitor each SharePoint server role (WFE, Search, App) and all role-specific performance counters and services.

Track Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop utilization

Monitor Citrix-specific performance counters and services, such as Citrix Broker Service or Citrix Licensing, to ensure high usability of virtual desktop sessions and Citrix license compliance. Monitor CPU and network resources utilized by your users.

Analyze and compare the performance of your SQL servers.

Audit SQL performance and database latency

Make sure your SQL servers are always up and running with optimal database latency. Track SQL performance to help you prevent situations such as disks suddenly running out of free space. Uncover database latency problems caused by large amounts of SQL transactions or connected users.

Monitor Hyper-V performance

Track the most critical Hyper-V performance counters for virtual machine management functionality. Keep an eye on guest processor usage, read/write latency, and virtual machine health status, as these are the most common causes of non-optimal virtual machine performance.

Examine our screenshots to see how SysKit helps you monitor different server roles: