Server Auditing Reports

Audit all logon events and record every logon failure attempted. SysKit Monitor immediately detects security breaches and protects your system by automatically adjusting firewall rules.

Monitor and audit logon failure attempts on your RDS host.

Examine failed logons

Examine failed logons to your RDS Host to get all the relevant information you need to assess the threat. In case of failed logons SysKit Monitor provides you with: server name, account name, account domain, source workstation name and IP address

Block security breaches by automatically adjusting firewall

Protect company servers from attacks and security breaches by detecting and blocking potentially malicious IP addresses. For example, if a user fails to connect on a number of occasions, SysKit Monitor temporarily blocks the IP address in question. Instead of blocking the URL or the domain name, blocking the IP address has proven to be more efficient in maintaining security levels.

Check file access logs for specific files or folders on your Windows servers.

File and folder audit reports

Stay up to date with user activities on file system such as read, write, append, and delete actions. Basically, know exactly what’s going on with the files and folders in your environment. All gathered data can be filtered by date range, servers, users, security, or custom groups.

Review restart log and system uptime

Every time a Windows Server restarts or shuts down, you will be informed. SysKit Monitor will report why the server was restarted, which user initiated the restart, or what caused the server to shut down. Additionally, SysKit can tell you how long a Microsoft Windows system has been running on a certain server without a reboot or restart.

The following file and logon system audit reports are available:
  • File Access Audit Log
  • Logon Audit Reports
  • Blocked IP Addresses
  • Restart Log
  • System Uptime

  • Examine our screenshots to see how our tool makes event log auditing much easier: