Server auditing reports

Advanced logon events monitoring
Audit all logon events and record every failed attempt in real time.
Timely protection
Immediately detect security breaches and protect your system by automatically adjusting firewall rules with close to zero effort.
Improved visibility
See through your servers like glass. Don’t miss even a single issue.

Review restart log and system uptime

Every time a Windows Server restarts or shuts down, Syskit Monitor will make a report entry.

Track all events and determine why the server was restarted, which user initiated the restart, what caused the server to shut down, or find out how long a Microsoft Windows system has been running on a particular server without a reboot or restart.

File access audit log

Monitor who is accessing your servers. Track changes to data security settings.

Logon audit

Know who, where, and when someone attempted to log on to your servers.

Blocked IP addresses

See if an IP address accessing your servers is blacklisted.

Restart log

Find out who, where, and why someone restarted your servers.

System uptime

Get insights into the amount of time a server is up and operational.