PowerShell Administration

Remote server administration empowers SysKit Monitor users with complete control over remote servers.

Remote server administration

Use PowerShell administration scripts to manage servers remotely from a single console.

You can execute scripts simultaneously on multiple remote servers. This comes in handy if you prefer to patch your servers manually rather than automatically. Copy all the update binaries on all the servers, execute the update process, and receive a report if the update process was successful.

All executed PowerShell commands on the remote servers will offer feedback in the form of execution results.

Write your own PowerShell scripts or import them from our side.

PowerShell execution output log

SysKit Monitor provides you with reports on all executed PowerShell scripts. This enables you to audit your PowerShell execution logs and spot if certain scripts didn’t execute correctly and why.

All PowerShell reports can be exported to Excel or PDF, which is useful in situations where you need to document all virtual machines and their VMM checkpoints.

Automate and schedule PowerShell execution

Define on which servers, when, and how often to execute each PowerShell script.

This way you can set up scripts to continuously run on specific servers at scheduled intervals, for example, to check if your SharePoint servers are responsive, and to control web app or site collection.

Set up a trigger to automatically execute PowerShell scripts at a certain time.

Configure PowerShell alerts

SysKit Monitor can be configured to send alerts if the specific output—such as status code, URL, or some other result is returned after PowerShell script execution.

SysKit Monitor has more than 60 predefined PowerShell scripts that are ready for immediate use, and they cover variety of use cases.


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