Security in Microsoft Teams: Looking Beyond

Join Thijs Lecomte, Microsoft MVP and Consultant, and see how Microsoft Teams security unfolds through the blind spots of your environment.

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Find and stop Teams Security blind spots early

If someone who has access to your MS Teams environment changes permissions and starts accessing or sharing highly confidential documents, would you notice?

This webinar is meant to broaden the scope and touch upon security measures that might be easily forgotten but have a huge impact on your Microsoft Teams security perimeter.

Join us for a Microsoft Teams power hour to learn:

Security for Microsoft Teams is a multi-layered approach

What to do to achieve a proper security posture.

Protecting the accounts accessing your Teams environment is of paramount importance

Tips on how to create a more secure environment.

What you don't see, you don't know

Explore the importance of monitoring combined with a hands-on approach.

How to reduce risk without human intervention

Discover SysKit Point and its real-time monitoring and alerting.

About the Presenter

Thijs Lecomte

Microsoft MVP and Consultant

As a Senior Microsoft 365 Consultant, Thijs focuses on securing the environments of customers by using Microsoft Security products. In January 2021, he was recognized with the MVP Award in the ‘Enterprise Mobility’ category.

Thijs is also active in the Microsoft Tech Community, where he spreads knowledge to help others and shares insights and tips on topics ranging from Microsoft Endpoint Manager to Microsoft Sentinel and Logic Apps.


2022-10-25 17:00
Thijs Lecomte Microsoft MVP and Consultant

Security in Microsoft Teams: Looking Beyond

Thijs Lecomte will guide you through the process of protecting your M365 environment from overexposure and security blind spots with powerful yet handy tricks that will make you confidently answer the question “Is your data safe?”.

Recording will be available soon
2022-10-25 17:45
Hrvoje Bagaric Engineering Team Lead

SysKit Point Demo

Hrvoje will demonstrate how SysKit Point, our management and governance platform for M365, can empower your admin efforts with real-time insights into your environment with pinpoint accuracy. Leave no stone unturned and streamline your governance.

Recording will be available soon
2022-10-25 17:55
Thijs Lecomte Microsoft MVP and Consultant

Q&A Session

Ask Thijs everything you have on Microsoft Teams security blind spots and get answers that will skyrocket your security governance planning and empower your users while staying in control.

Recording will be available soon