This article provides a full overview of the manual permissions review process in SysKit Point.

Manually Request Permissions Review in SysKit Point

Permissions review, in the context of the Microsoft 365 environment, is an activity where a person responsible for an Microsoft 365 resource - be it Communication site, Microsoft Team, Microsoft 365 Group, or OneDrive - checks whether permissions, given to users inside (internal) and outside (external) of company, comply with the organizational rules and guidelines.

While the Automated Permissions Review was introduced in SysKit Point 14, SysKit Point 15 brings the Manually Requested Permissions Review to the table.

Please note!
Manual Permissions Review is available only in the Enterprise subscription plan.

Use Manual Permissions Review in situations when you need a fast response on an urgent issue, such as sudden offboarding of a user, or unauthorized external sharing, where you want a resource to be checked as soon as possible.
You can also use the Manual Permissions Review to test and prepare your users for the Automated Permissions Review.

Learn more!
To find more about the Automated Permissions Review, visit the following article.

Request Review

To manually create a Permissions Review, use the Request Review action, available for SysKit Point Admin users on the following screens:

  • Sites overview
  • Microsoft Teams & Groups overview
  • Site or Group details

Please note!
You must be signed in to SysKit Point with a SysKit Point Admin account to see the Request Review action.

To manually request a Permissions Review, do the following:

  • Open the Sites Overview screen
  • Select the desired resource (1); you can also select multiple resources at once
  • Click the Request Review Action (2) available in the side panel

Request Review action

Request Permissions Review dialog will appear.

Request Permissions Review dialog

After confirming the request, you will be redirected to the Permissions Review overview screen, where you can:

  • Select a site, Microsoft 365 Group, or Microsoft Team (1); you can also select multiple resources at once
  • Review the resource (2) - only available for owners and administrators when a single resource is selected
  • View the Permissions Review Details (3)

Permissions Review overview screen

To see all Manually Requested Reviews, follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, click the Governance tile; the Governance screen opens
  • click the Manually Requested Reviews category (1)
  • click the See Details button (2) to open the Permissions Review report

Governance - Manually Requested Reviews

The Permissions Review report for manually requested reviews offers the same capabilities as for the automated permissions review. You can find more information on how to monitor the progress of the created Permissions Reviews here.

Resource Owners

After the manual permissions review request was sent, the resource owners receive a Permissions Review request e-mail in their mailbox.

Permissions Review email

The link in the email leads you directly to the Permissions Review task in SysKit Point. Here, you can:

  • select a resource (1)
  • perform the Permissions Review (2)

Permissions Review task screen

The Permission Review wizard opens, where you can perform actions, check permission changes, and, in the end, complete the Permissions Review for a resource. Actions and reports available here are the same as in the Automated Permissions Review tasks. You can find them all described in greater detail here.

Permissions Review wizard

If a resource has a Permissions Review active, you can access the Permissions Review details screen from the overview screen by clicking the Review Now (1) action link, visible when the resource is selected.

Review Now action