This article explains how to generate and export an SSL certificate for SysKit Point from your internal CA.

Configure SSL Certificate

Generate an SSL Certificate

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to generate an SSL certificate using the Certificates Microsoft Management Console (MMC) when you have an internal Certification Authority (CA).

From the server on which you have SysKit Point installed, open the MMC. Click the File > Add/Remove Snap-in and add the Certificates snap-in, managing the certificates for the Computer account on the local machine. Click OK to confirm.

MMC - Adding the Certificates snap-in

Then expand Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal, right-click the Certificates and go to All Tasks > Request New Certificate.

MMC - Requesting a new certificate

Choose Active Directory Enrollment Policy to use your existing internal CA. Click Next to continue.

MMC - Selecting the Active Directory Enrollment Policy

Select the appropriate Web Server certificate template and click the link below to enter more information.

MMC - Selecting a Web Server

On the Subject tab, add the Common name for the Subject name, and the DNS name for the Alternative name. You can put the wildcard or name-specific values here, which can be the same. Chrome 58 and later uses the DNS alternative name only.

MMC - Adding Common name and Alternative name

Enter a Friendly name on the General tab.

MMC - Entering a Friendly name

Check the Make private key exportable option under the Key options on the Private Key tab and click OK.

MMC - Make private key exportable

Click Enroll to generate the new certificate from the CA and install it on the server.

MMC - Enroll certificate

After the certificate is successfully installed, click View Certificate and go to Details tab to view the certificate information such as Subject Alternative Name. Once you are done reviewing certificate details, click Finish.

MMC - View Certificate

MMC - Subject Alternative Name

Export the SSL Certificate

To import the certificate in SysKit Point Configuration wizard, you'll need to export it with its private key. From the MMC, right-click the certificate you installed and choose All Tasks > Export. Choose the Yes, export the private key option. Click Next to proceed.

MMC - Export the private key option

On the following screen, choose the Include all certificates in certificate path if possible option. Click Next.

MMC - Include all certificates option

Enter a strong password you will remember and save the certificate to the desired location.

MMC - Enter a password

After you exported the certificate, use SysKit Point Configuration Wizard to import the same SSL certificate into the Web Application Settings, with the password you set previously. Also, make sure you have an appropriate DNS record in place for the URL you set in the wizard.