User Connections

This is related to the Citrix XenApp web interface configuration. To get a real client name, please follow these steps:

  1. Add the ClientName tag in the default.ica file to return the client name or machine name:
    /Inetpub/wwwroot/Citrix/Metaframe(or XenApp)/conf/default.ica
  2. Save the file and reconnect your client.
Export the IP addresses and client names report to XLS format. Public IP names will be listed in the C column. Insert behind C a new empty column, and in D2, enter the following formula:

=HYPERLINK(""&C2; "Resolve IP" ) or
=HYPERLINK(""&C2; "Resolve IP" )

This formula will create an automatic hyperlink to the Web page where you will be able to see the IP state and city. This method will allow you to determine the exact location of every user that is logging on to your server.