Move database to a new server

This article explains how to move the SysKit database to a new server.

Please follow these steps to move a SQL Server database to another location:

  1. Stop the SysKit Service on a computer where the SysKit is installed.
  2. Close the SysKit application.
  3. Connect to the SQL server and open SQL Management Studio.
  4. Locate the SysKit database and back it up to a bak file.
  5. Once the backup is finished, locate the bak and copy the file to the new SQL server.
  6. Restore the DB using SQL Management Studio.
  7. If the restore is successful, go to the SysKit server.
  8. Start the SysKit Configuration Wizard on the SysKit server.
  9. Uncheck the Use the same settings and upgrade option.
  10. Use the existing database and locate the new SQL server and the old database.
  11. Type in the new SQL Server instance and the database name.
  12. On the next screen, type in the service user that has same permissions as the old service user.
  13. Click Finish.

See SQL Permissions to learn more about SysKit SQL server database requirements.