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Why is SysKit an excellent SharePoint performance monitoring tool?

  • Report on SharePoint performance in real-time
  • Track all existing SharePoint performance metrics
  • Receive intelligent real-time alerts
  • Fully customize SharePoint performance monitoring
  • Monitor performance metrics on all server roles, including IIS, Web App and SQL Servers

Analyze the performance of your SharePoint and SQL Servers

User activity monitoring

Prevent your disks from running out of free space and make sure SharePoint is always available for your end users.

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Reduce your page load times by detecting and fixing problematic SharePoint services on your servers.

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Find out if your SharePoint servers have enough RAM by tapping into page life expectancy determined by buffer cache.

SysKit Alert

Detect and audit database latency problems caused by lack of resources, volume of queries, or number of users.


Analyze SharePoint Performance

Analyze your SharePoint performance to provide optimal server usage to your end users. Find out why page load issues occur and determine if your database is congested due to a high volume of queries. Track performance metrics historically or in real time, and compare them to a set of server baselines to reveal potential areas for improvement.

server performance alerts overview

Receive Real-time Performance Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for events on your SharePoint servers. For example, when a performance metric reaches a warning level or when a SharePoint service stops, SysKit will trigger an alert and take action to automatically fix the problem. SysKit uses intelligent alerting, learns about your threshold preferences, and avoids unnecessary notifications.

monitoring templates

Specified Server Role Monitoring

Easily organize SharePoint monitoring when you have a large number of server roles. Distinguish and separately monitor SharePoint performance metrics for different server roles such as SQL, IIS, and WFE within your system environment. Every monitoring template keeps track of specific performance metrics that reflect the defined server role.

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All the server monitoring data you need is collected and presented using one tool – SysKit

User activity monitoring

Monitor and audit user activity and application usage on your servers.

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Keep your server inventory organized with inventory snapshots.

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Never find yourself over- or under-licensed with license usage reports.

Audit user logons and your file access log to detect security breaches.

John Rogan testimonial

It surpassed our expectations.

John Rogan
CIO / Engineer, NexServ Technologies Inc.

“SysKit was easy to implement and offered regular updates. Acceleratio provides exceptional support and fulfills our compliance auditing needs at a fantastic price.”

nathan andersen testemonial

This tool is very valuable to me.

Nathan Andersen
IT Manager, AArete

“With SysKit I can really see when particular resources were being maxed out for a period of time. This tool is very valuable to me.”

Chris Buckley testemonial

SysKit has an intuitive interface.

Chris Buckley
CISSP, Dir. of Information Services, Information Services Advocates Inc.

“SysKit has an intuitive interface with detailed information that helps us manage our Terminal Server Farm as well as our other stand-alone Terminal Servers.”

B.Dinerman testemonial

Makes IT management easier.

Bradley J. Dinerman
Microsoft MVP Security, CISSP, Ph.D., Fieldbrook Solutions

“SysKit allowed me to keep an active eye on what is happening on my Terminal Servers – who is logged on and from where, which applications they are running and much, much more.”

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