Office 365 Governance and Security Management Solution for Admins and Business Users

Best Practices to Manage Office 365 Security

Security Assessment


Ensure you are in compliance with policies and regulations.

Collaborative Governance

Office 365 Permissions Governance

Role-based access ensures collaborative governance between end-users and admins.

Optimize Resources

bulk actions

Manage your resources wisely. Check Office 365 content usage and track user adoption.

Simple Installation


“Next, next, finish” type of install. Deploys on a workstation. No restrictions on tenant size.

Involve your Management


Export report in Excel or PDF directly to your management and keep them updated.

Access Data Anywhere

insight web earth

Web-access to the app makes it easier to access your reports anytime anywehere

Office 365 Security: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and OneDrive for Business

Office 365 security

Are you racking your brain, thinking who has which permissions and where? Are they using Microsoft 365 Groups for security or assigning permissions directly? And what about Harry’s OneDrive; he left a month ago, but it still shows as active?? Take a deep breath and keep reading. We got you!

The “Self-service sign-up” and a variety of Office 365 products empower users to seamlessly create content, which can easily turn Office 365 management into a nightmare. SysKit Point is a comprehensive, role-based Office 365 governance tool that fits the needs of Office 365 admins, site owners, auditors, and compliance officers. Use it to control external sharing, audit user activity, detect stale content, and take a charge of all permissions in your tenant.
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Office 365 Access and Permissions Changes

  • Check for Office 365 security and compliance breaches – identify all permissions for a specific user.
  • List and manage all SharePoint permissions for Sites, Subsites, Lists, Documents and Microsoft 365 Groups.
  • Detect all unique permissions and restore permissions inheritance.
  • Audit permission changes, avoid risks associated with granting permissions and fix any issues on the spot.

office 365 auditing

office 365 access

Office 365 Management and Reporting

  • List Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams, add owners or members in bulk.
  • Find inactive Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams.
  • Report on external sharing and manage sharing links throughout the Office 365.
  • Audit user and admin activity with contextual Office 365 auditing.
  • Track content usage & storage and detect stale content.

“For managing and documenting the security of our Sharepoint Online, by far the best tool to use.”

Frans Kluijtmans, Senior System Administrator

Sean McDonough

“You guys continue to build amazing products. Keep up the good work!”

Sean McDonough, Microsoft MVP, CTO/Owner of Bitstream Foundry

Todd Klindt

“I don’t consider any Office 365 Admin complete without a copy of SysKit Point.”

Todd Klindt, Microsoft MVP, SharePoint Architect

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