Webinar Recording

Measuring Teams Adoption Made Easy: Why, How, What

Let Microsoft MVP Karoliina Kettukari answer all your questions about Microsoft Teams adoption.

Get Answers to All Your Adoption-Related Questions

Measuring Teams adoption seems to be all talk and no action. Yes, you have lots of reports in your Teams admin center. But is it helpful to know that your Teams monthly active usage is at 67%? Is “67%” good or bad? In this session recording, Karoliina Kettukari will answer three key questions:

WHY Should You Measure It?

Modern work experts, IT managers, or consultants who want to take all out of Teams adoption, will learn the reasoning behind measuring adoption.

HOW Should You Measure It?

Karoliina will go through some best practices gathered from real-life customer cases, so you can choose the ones that suit your organization best.

WHAT Should You do With All the Data?

This is a demo-heavy session, so you’ll learn hands-on what to do with the metrics you have gathered in the reports. 

About the presenter

Karoliina Kettukari

Modern Work Leader and Microsoft MVP

Karoliina is a Modern Work Leader, Advisor and Microsoft MVP whose passion is to empower every employee with smart use of digital technology. Her speciality is developing teamwork and internal communications with the help of Microsoft Teams. Karoliina is an active speaker at technology conferences and co-host in three meet-ups. She loves the community, sharing knowledge and learning from others.