Microsoft 365 Proactive Governance & Adoption: What You Need To Know

Let Microsoft MVP Richard Harbridge show you proven approaches to succeed in establishing and improving Microsoft 365 Governance.

Empower your organization to maximize the value of their digital workplace

Join Richard Harbridge, an internationally recognized expert on Microsoft 365 and the Digital Workplace, as he shares proven approaches to getting started with and succeeding in establishing and improving Microsoft 365 Governance.

In this live webinar, you will:

Leverage your M365 Governance efficiently

Shift to a pro-active approach to drive better results and accomplish more with less.

Discover how to drive adoption pro-actively

Improve coordination, management, and end-user experiences with effective governance.

Learn what part of governance to prioritize

See where to start and discover what do the business stakeholders lead, and what does IT lead.

Ease your administrative tasks and know your environment's health with SysKit Point

Automate your governance processes with an all-in-one tool which will give you a full overview of your 365 environment.

About the presenter

Richard Harbridge

Business & Technology Advisor, CTO, Microsoft MVP

Richard Harbridge is a trusted advisor to hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current and future needs and what actions they should take to grow and achieve their ambitions. Richard has led, architected, and implemented hundreds of business and technology solutions that have helped organizations transform both digitally and organizationally.