Prevent Teams, Yammer, Groups, and Site sprawl in your M365 environment

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What Is It About & Who Is It For?

This eBook tells you everything you need to know about preventing one of the biggest threats to successful M365 management. Content sprawl. It affects your entire organization, which is why this eBook is for everyone from admins through to end-users.

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  • Business impacts of content sprawl
    Explore why sprawl is natural, yet also requires control.
  • How to recognize symptoms of content sprawl
    Discover tell-tale signs within your organization.
  • Where, how, and why content sprawl affects your Microsoft 365 environment
    Take a deep dive across content sprawl in Teams, Yammer, Groups, and Sites.
  • How to solve content sprawl
    Gain strategic, technical, and practical tips and techniques – from classification and scripts to security and storage + much more.
  • Best practices for the workspace lifecycle
    Find out how to combine Microsoft 365 technology with human insight to successfully monitor and control content usage and workspace creation.

Download the Free eBook

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You can check all the critical health and security metrics from a central
overview, like the amount of externally shared content and the number of uniquely secured items in a list. Discover how SysKit Point helps you solve content sprawl – no matter how complex your organization.

Prevent Content Sprawl in O365

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