Office 365 Adoption Guide:
How to Implement and Track User Adoption

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What Is It About & Who Is It For?

This eBook is a comprehensive guide on how to implement adoption KPIs, encourage adoption champions, and measure adoption success.

Whether you are an experienced Head of IT, a Platform Manager, or a Collaboration Manager who wants to know more, you’ll find this eBook very useful.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish KPI benchmarks and a reporting plan
  • Improve communication and streamline Microsoft 365 adoption
  • Create a successful intranet
  • Create a user resource center
  • Empower Microsoft 365 adoption champions
  • Track Microsoft 365 adoption rate with reports in M365 and SysKit Point

eBook Office 365 Adoption

Download the Free eBook


Author: Chris Hardee is a 20-year technology professional who found a passion for writing and marketing. He enjoys diving deep into technical concepts, finding important points in the data, and translating them into the right words. He’s written for several major online publications, including Forbes, Business 2 Community, and MISTI Training Institute.

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