Architecture Diagrams

Diagram Description PDF Visio
Agentless monitoring and supported technologies SysKit allows you to monitor your server environment using one central console. It supports various technologies such as Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, etc. AdobePDF Visio 2016
Monitoring multiple domains and environments Regardless of the server environment, SysKit supports multi-tenant server monitoring. Data is gathered from every domain through gateways and stored on one dedicated server. AdobePDF Visio 2016
Remote Desktop Gateway monitoring SysKit tracks connections made via the Remote Desktop Gateway to your Remote Desktop Services. Easily monitor real-time and historical data relating to users and their logon activities. AdobePDF Visio 2016
Upgrading to SysKit from previous products A use case on how to upgrade from our previous products (Terminal Services Log, Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor, and Server Monitoring Toolkit) to SysKit from a single database. AdobePDF Visio 2016
Logical Server Groups usage SysKit allows you to assign monitored servers into logical groups reflecting their server environments, such as DEV, QA, or UAT, to produce smaller monitoring fractions. AdobePDF Visio 2016
SharePoint performance monitoring Monitoring multiple SharePoint farms and their SharePoint performance metrics is done using one central console. This improves data collection performance for geo-distributed SharePoint servers. AdobePDF Visio 2016