What’s New – 3.0.

December 2020

We have prepared SysKit Trace version 3.0., and it comes with some important and exciting new features. SysKit Trace now supports GCC High and DoD tenants and it gathers configuration data about Azure AD and Planner. Schedule a demo.


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Deploy SysKit Trace on your GCC High and DoD Tenants3.0.

With this release, SysKit Trace now fully supports all Microsoft 365 environments such as GCC High, DoD, and Azure Germany. You can deploy SysKit Trace on multiple tenants from different levels of services and it will pull the configuration data from all of them.

Let SysKit Trace help you with compliance requirements and security regulations such as CMMC, DFARS, and NIST 800-171. Check out the baseline configuration for all your tenants and detect non-compliant areas. Get alerts when any configuration setup is changed and respond before it creates security threats.


Receive Live Updates for Configuration Reports3.0.

To ensure that we can deliver new configuration reports as soon as they are ready, we have implemented live updates for all Microsoft 365 configuration reports. On the Options screen, you can set up your report installation preferences:

  • Apply automatically – SysKit Trace will add new reports automatically and will notify you when that happens.
  • Notify – You will get a notification when the new reports are available.
  • None – SysKit Trace will not check for report updates.

Check for live updates of configuration reports


With this system in place, we will introduce new reports within SysKit Trace more frequently!

Support for Azure Active Directory and Planner3.0.

With this release, we have added initial configuration reports for two additional Microsoft 365 services – Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Planner.

Some of the new AAD reports include Applications, Groups, and Group Settings.

Azure AD applications report


New Planner reports will let you know the information such as what are your Plans, Tasks, and Buckets.

Check out plans and buckets in your Microsoft Planner report

These are just the first batch of reports for these new services, and in future releases, we will track more settings to cover both services fully. To help us determine the order of new reports we’ll be adding to SysKit Trace, you can use our feedback portal.