Track and Compare Office 365 Settings

Whether comparing the same tenant with the state from a few weeks ago, comparing settings after a tenant migration, or comparing your DEV to Production environment, SysKit Trace has your back.

Compare O365 Settings over Time

SysKit Trace creates a snapshot of your Office 365 settings at a certain point in time. You can create multiple snapshots and use them to:

  • Compare your Office 365 settings with different points in time and detect accidental or unplanned changes,
  • Mark correctly configured settings and use them as a baseline for future configurations.


compare-settings-in-different-office 365-tenants

Compare Office 365 Settings in Different Tenants

SysKit Trace will send you alerts with differences between your tenants’ settings and help you bring your environments into a consistent state. Compare:

  • Tenants for different business locations,
  • DEV / Production / QA / Staging tenants,
  • Tenants before and after migration.


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