Ensure Office 365 Compliance and Security

Use our solution for documenting
and comparing Office 365 settings - SysKit Trace

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Use SysKit Trace to stay compliant with security regulations

Deploy SysKit Trace to all types of Microsoft 365 environments such as GCC High, DoD, and Azure Germany.

Create a baseline snapshot of your environment that can be used in Office 365 compliance documentation.

Generate a detailed report for Office 365 Security and Compliance settings.

Track your Microsoft 365 tenant settings over time and receive alerts when settings have changed to stay compliant.

Office 365 Documentation

Find differences over time and detect noncompliances!

Document Office 365 Tenants

Office 365 Governance and Management

Generate Office 365 tenant documentation
to stay compliant with regulations.

Get Alerts on Office 365 Changes

Compare Differences

Get alerts on configuration changes! Compare current to baseline Office 365 settings.

Report on Office 365 Configuration

Generate Office 365 Documentation

Generate and export Office 365 settings reports in an Excel, PDF, or Word file.

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SysKit Trace in action!

    • Document Office 365 Settings

It scans your Office 365 tenant, crawls through multiple workloads, and generates a simple report of your configuration settings.

    • Track Office 365 Settings Changes

SysKit Trace compares your settings over time and between tenants and helps you detect any misconfigurations.

    • Secure for Data, Easy to Install

It’s a plug and play solution, installed in a blink of an eye. Your data is securely stored within your environment.