This article lists the currently supported OneDrive reports with all of the properties that SysKit Trace loads.




OneDrive Storage Quota [GB]The resource quota to apply to the OneDrive sites.
Orphaned Personal Sites Retention PeriodNumber of days after a user's account is deleted that their OneDrive for Business content will be deleted.
OneDrive For Guests EnabledEnable guest acess for OneDrive.
Notify Owners When Invitations AcceptedWhen true and when an external user accepts an invitation to a resource in a user’s OneDrive for Business owner is notified by e-mail.
Notifications In OneDrive For Business EnabledTurn notifications on/off OneDrive.
OneDrive for Business Members Can ShareLets administrators set policy on re-sharing behavior in OneDrive for Business.
OneDrive for Business Access RequestsLets administrators set policy on access requests and requests to share in OneDrive for Business.
Block Mac SyncBlock sync client on Mac.
Disable Report Problem DialogDisable dialog box.
Domain GuidsSafe domain list.
Excluded File ExtensionsExclude files from being synced to OneDrive.
Groove Block OptionGroove block options.