This article lists the currently supported Office 365 reports with all of the properties that SysKit Trace loads.

Office 365


Admin Audit Log Config

Unified Audit Log Ingestion EnabledDetermins if Unified Audit Log Ingestion is enabled.


Display NameThe display name for the group.
Mail Nick NameThe group's Internal Name.
DescriptionThe group's description.


Display NameThe display name for the user.
UsernameThe login name of the user.
First NameThe first name of the user.
Last NameThe last name of the user.
CountryThe 'Country' name of the user.
Preferred LanguageThe Prefered Language of the user.
Usage LocationThe country code the user will be assigned to.
OfficeThe 'Office' Name of the user.
DepartmentThe 'Department' name of the user.
Phone NumberThe Phone Number of the user.
TitleSpecifies the title of the user.
User TypeSpecifies the title of the user.
FaxThe 'Fax' Number of the user.
Street AddressSpecifies the street address of the user.
Postal CodeThe Postal Code of the user.
Mobile PhoneThe Mobile Phone Number of the user.
StateSpecifies the state or province where the user is located.
Password Never ExpiresSpecifies whether the user password expires periodically. Default value is false.
CityThe 'City' name of the user.
Preferred Data LocationThe Prefered location to store data of the user.
License AssignmentThe account SKU Id for the license to be assigned to the user.