SysKit Trace 3.0.0

We have prepared a new version of SysKit Trace, and it comes with some important and exciting new features. SysKit Trace has introduced support for the first Azure Active Directory and Planner resources. To increase the delivery of new resources to our customers, SysKit Trace can now update the resources without a new version. Not yet a customer? Download a free trial.

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Product version: 3.0.0
Build number: 859
Release date: Sep 29, 2020

Support for Azure Active Directory and Planner

We have added initial support for two new Microsoft 365 services, Azure Active Directory and Planner. These are just the first batch of resources for new services, and in future releases, we will add more settings to cover both services fully. To help us determine the order of new resources we add to SysKit Trace you can use our feedback portal. To see what new resources are available, head over here.

Resources Live Updates

To ensure that we can deliver new resources as soon as they are ready, we have implemented live updates for Microsoft 365 resources. On the Options screen of SysKit Trace, there is now a setting for how the live resources updates will operate:

  • Apply automatically – SysKit Trace will install new resources automatically and will notify when that occurs
  • Notify – Users will be notified that the new resources are available
  • None – SysKit Trace will not check for resources updates

With this system in place, we expect and hope to introduce new resources to SysKit Trace more frequently!

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