SysKit Trace 2.0.0

We have prepared a new version of SysKit Trace, and it comes with some important and exciting new features. SysKit Trace now fully supports accounts with multi-factor authentication enabled, and now has built-in automatization and alerting capabilities. Not yet a customer? Download a free trial.

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Product version: 2.0.0
Build number: 617
Release date: Apr 29, 2020

Support for Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a standard way to make your users’ and organization’s data more secure. With this release, SysKit Trace supports MFA for global administrator accounts.

Scheduled snapshots

SysKit Trace can now take snapshots of your Office 365 tenant on a schedule you define. This option enables you to have updated Office 365 documentation at all times without the worry of creating manual snapshots. For example, you can schedule snapshots on Sunday evening to have updated reports ready on Monday morning. You can even set SysKit Trace to send you an email with complete documentation every time it takes a snapshot!

Support for baseline configurations

After migration to Office 365 or some significant configuration changes, you are sure that your tenant has the correct setup. But as with all living systems, settings will change, sometimes to undesired results. SysKit Trace allows you to define a baseline configuration, which you can use to quickly find the changes that may have unwanted effects on your tenant. Additionally, the baseline configurations are highlighted in Compare Wizard to make them easier to use!

Alerting on configuration changes

With the introduction of scheduled snapshots, SysKit Trace helps you react to changes in your Office 365 tenant faster. Each time SysKit Trace takes a snapshot of your environment, it compares it with a previous baseline configuration. If it detects any configuration changes, Trace sends an alert into your email inbox with a detailed report on changes that happened.

Additional resources

We have spent the past couple of months implementing new reports on Office 365 configuration. In this release, we have added over 50 different reports on Exchange Online configuration. We are going to expand the number of reports and add more workloads in the future.

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