SysKit Trace 1.0.0

We are very excited to announce the newest SysKit product – SysKit Trace!

SysKit Trace is a centralized solution for documenting and tracking changes on Office 365 tenants. If you are thinking „SPDocKit for Office 365“, you are right. SysKit Trace allows Office 365 administrators to document and report on different Office 365 workloads. The first version will collect the configuration of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, and Security and Compliance.

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Product version: 1.0.0
Build number: 274
Release date: Jan 22, 2020

Document Office 365 Tenants

With a click of a button, you can collect the most important configuration of your Office 365 tenant!

SysKit Trace will crawl through your SharePoint Online and document sharing policies, hub sites, and also every SharePoint Site. SysKit Trace will also document all your Exchange Online settings, such as your organization configuration, shared mailboxes, and more. When it comes to Microsoft Teams, you will be able to see settings of each Team in your organization as well as Team policies you have in your organization.

Report on Office 365 Configuration

SysKit Trace allows users to create professional-looking Word, Excel, or PDF files with all the gathered Office 365 settings.

Detect Office 365 Changes

SysKit Trace compares your settings over time and between tenants and helps you detect any misconfigurations. You can mark configuration as good, which will allow you to compare all the future configurations with the marked configuration. You can find out if global or specific external sharing settings have been changed, whether security and compliance policies setup is correct, or if your Microsoft Teams settings are configured consistently over time. Export these results into easy to read XLSX files to share with your managers and customers.

Plug and play solution

SysKit Trace is a centralized solution for your Office 365 configuration reporting. It works as a desktop application. To connect to the tenant, the tool uses your Global Admin credentials.

The application stores all your data to your local disk, meaning your data is securely stored within your own environment.

It is a plug and play solution, installed in a blink of an eye.

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