Document Office 365 and Track Configuration Changes

SysKit Trace – A centralized solution for documenting Office 365 settings and tracking settings changes


Document Office 365 Tenants

Office 365 Governance and Management

Generate documentation with all Office 365 settings and stay compliant with regulations.

Detect Office 365 Changes

Compare Differences

Compare differences in Office 365 settings over time or between two different tenants.

Report on Office 365 Configuration

Generate Office 365 Documentation

Generate and export various Office 365 reports in an Excel, PDF, or Word file.


Document Office 365 Settings

Tired of dealing with multiple admin centers and writing PowerShell scripts? SysKit Trace scans your Office 365 tenant, crawls through multiple workloads, and generates a simple report of your configuration settings.

Get a quick overview of tenant settings for the purposes of:

  • Security management to protect data security and user privacy,
  • External controlling and auditing to comply with regulations like HIPAA or GDPR,
  • Administration to configure a cheat sheet for migrations and regular maintenance.

Track Office 365 Settings Changes

Big tenants and lots of admins is a formula for unplanned configuration changes. SysKit Trace compares your settings over time and between tenants and helps you detect any misconfigurations.

Find out:

  • If global or specific external sharing settings have been changed,
  • Whether security and compliance policies setup has changed since the last migration,
  • If your OneDrive for Business settings differ from the last checkup,
  • If your Microsoft Teams settings are configured consistently over time.


How Does SysKit Trace Work?

Simple to use, easy to install, and secure for your data

SysKit Trace is a centralized solution for your Office 365 configuration reporting. It works as a desktop application. To connect to the tenant, the tool uses your Global Admin credentials.

The application stores all your data to your local disk, meaning your data is securely stored within your own environment.

It is a plug and play solution, installed in a blink of an eye.

secure office 365 configuration reporting


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