Document Office 365 and Track Configuration Changes

SysKit Trace – An Easy-to-Use Solution for Documenting and Administering Office 365 Tenant Settings


Document Office 365 Tenant

SysKit Securitiy Manager eBooks on Office 365 Governance and Management

Scan the tenant and generate documentation with all Office 365 settings.

Detect Office 365 Changes


Compare differences in Office 365 settings over time or between two different tenants.

Report on Office 365 Configuration

Generate Office 365 documnetation in Excel and Word file

Generate various Office 365 reports and export in an Excel or Word file.

generate office 365 documentation

Document Office 365 Tenant Configuration

Documenting your Office 365 tenant settings takes time and effort, and the results are sometimes less than expected, especially if PowerShell is not your strong suit.

SysKit Trace scans your entire Office 365 tenant, crawls through multiple Office 365 workloads and reports on the most important configuration settings, leaving you with enough time to deal with more mission-critical tasks. SysKit Trace reporting includes:

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) information,
  • Exchange Online settings,
  • SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business configuration,
  • Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups setup,
  • PowerApps and Flow reports, etc.

You can explore the collected configuration data through the simple interface or save it as a Word, Excel, or PDF file. The professional-looking documentation has multiple uses. It serves as a quick overview of a tenant for management and stakeholders like external controllers or auditors. On the other hand, it helps admins as a configuration base for migrations and regular maintenance.

Office 365 Tenant Changes and Best Practices

After you’ve been given a general overview of the platform configuration, it is important to keep an eye on possible changes. Find out:

  • Which Office 365 settings have been enabled/disabled
  • The best practices for security and external sharing in SharePoint Online
  • The best way to configure your OneDrive for Business global settings

SysKit Trace focuses on two main areas:

1. Comparing Office 365 configuration and tracking changes in your tenant. Easily detect changes in your tenant configuration over time or between multiple tenants. For instance, compare the configuration of your DEV environments to QA/PROD after the deployment.

2. Office 365 Best Practices. A set of reports and alerts that optimize your Office 365 setup according to Microsoft recommendations and known tips and tricks from the Office 365 community.

compare office 365 configuration settings

How Does SysKit Trace Work?

Simple to use, easy to install, and secure for your data

SysKit Trace is a centralized solution for your Office 365 configuration reporting. It works as a desktop application. To connect to the tenant, the tool uses your Global Admin credentials, secured by Microsoft authentication.

The application stores all your data to your local disk, meaning your data is securely stored within your own environment.

It is a plug and play solution, installed in a blink of an eye.

secure office 365 configuration reporting

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