Manage SQL Server Databases

With SysKit SQL Manager Security Management, you can preview your SQL Server configuration and databases in live mode. This feature lets you manage not only single but multiple databases across servers. It’s a perfect place to go if you are planning a cleanup of SQL Server databases that nobody uses, or if you want to do any reporting or manage multiple databases.

Take care of multiple database management tasks with these 6 incentive features:

  • Show Connections / Kill Connections:
    Find out all the users who have been connected to a selected database with the Show Connections button, and then to disconnect already connected users, choose the Kill Connections option.
  • Drop Database / Detach Database:
    Detaching or dropping a database is a 2-click process giving an actually satisfactory feel to the task of database clean-up. SQL identifies the databases you have, you choose which ones you wish to kill and once you click the magic button, the system will refresh and your resource-wasting databases will be gone. With the Detach Database button to temporarily remove databases from the SQL Server.
  • Change Owner / Change State:
    Determine who is the database owner, change the owner or change the database state. Even if you’re not in charge of a database, or you’re no longer managing it, with the Change Owner button you can assign another owner. In cases you need to prevent users from making further changes in a database, the Change State option allows you to change the state of a particular database from read/write to read-only, and vice versa.

  • Visit resources center for videos and samples of documentation and reports by SysKit SQL Manager.