SQL Server Reporting

SysKit SQL Manager offers intuitive information-packed reports that make SQL Server administration easier and more efficient. Create snapshots of your SQL Server environment, and use this information to create helpful reports.

Gather information on your SQL environment

Effortlessly take a snapshot of your environment, or adjust it to be automatically taken daily or weekly. You can customize the snapshot, specifying the options and data that fit your needs. Once snapshots are generated, you can examine them in detail. Every snapshot is like a time capsule, with information about your SQL Servers and databases, as well as your Windows servers, on that particular date.

Discover SQL Server reports

  • Examine the disk usage of a particular drive on a selected server.
  • Forecast disk-size growth for the near future.
  • Predict how big your databases might get.
  • Calculate how much disk space those databases will use.
  • Locate databases that haven’t been used in a while.
  • Check databases whose owners are disabled or have been deleted from the AD.
  • Explore all your table dependencies.

Orphaned Databases report

Use Case - Report on databases without owners

Take this report, for instance: It instantly shows you whether there are databases whose owners have been disabled or deleted from the AD. Information like this helps you detect databases without active owners. The recommended practice is to assign an owner to the SA user or to a domain account that can be administered by your SQL team.

Get your SQL reports delivered on daily basis

Every SysKit SQL Manager report can be automatically:

  • Delivered via email.
  • Saved to your SharePoint site.
  • Stored on a file share system.