Compare SQL Server Environments and Track Changes

SysKit SQL Manager creates snapshots of your SQL environment that can be easily compared to detect even the slightest differences between environments or between SQL Servers.

Get an overview of changes made in your SQL environment

  • Create snapshots of your SQL Server settings’ status, automatically or manually.
  • Use the “Good Configuration Check” to mark all configurations that you know with certainty are properly configured.
  • Compare snapshots, regardless of time or type. See whether configuration changes were made.
  • Detect the changes made during a certain time frame, and find indicators of potential problems.

Determine the differences between two SQL Servers

For example, find out whether there was a change regarding server memory settings and whether someone changed the values for maximum and minimum memory for a certain SQL Server. SysKit SQL Manager Compare Wizard will detect changes in a matter of minutes and show you when something isn’t properly configured in your system.

Export the results to examine the differences in your SQL environment more closely.

  • Visit resources center for videos and samples of documentation and reports by SysKit SQL Manager.